Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What a difference a few years makes

It feels like Moorland Lane was a lifetime ago, and in many ways it was.

Before moving into the little brick box on Moorland Lane, I jokingly asked my sister-in-law if maybe the house had bad ju-ju's.  She didn't answer me and I brushed it off.

Even though Tom and I tried to pretty it up, I always felt like the house had dark corners that no amount of sunlight or well placed lamps could lighten up.  Despite our best efforts to tame back the hedges and clean up, the house remained dark on the brightest of sunny days.

The little brick box is no longer here.  Sandy Spring Builders knocked it down - thank goodness.  They built a huge, but very pretty, house in it's place.  And really, it was about time.

Maybe the old brick box had bad ju-ju's afterall.

What is there now is shiny and new.  It's a happy looking house from the outside and I hope the inside is just has happy.

Here is is in in progress, captured from google maps street view:

I wish the new owners many, many years of joy and good memories on Moorland Lane.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

You don't need to tell me...

There hasn't been much happening on Moorland Lane.

Pics coming soon, I promise.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Working hard, not hardly working

It's been a long time since I've put up anything. Spring semester started and I'm on a less rigorous house schedule. I'm not setting aside time during the week to work on things here at Moorland Lane, unless it's school work. This is not to say that we haven't done anything in the last 6 weeks. So without further ado, I present you the bathroom demolition:

Everybody helped:

This is quite possibly one of the grossest things I've seen in a while. After we removed the toilet, we realized that the stink that was coming from the bathroom was from the corrosion of the toilet's wax ring. Ew:

Getting ready to go bye-bye:

And that's the last of the pink bathroom:
What did I learn from ripping apart the bathroom?
  1. Sledgehammers are fun for about 4 swings. Then they are just plain heavy. After that is when husbands come in pretty handy.
  2. Even though the cement rubble looks small, they are heavy too when they fill up a trash can.
  3. Bathtubs are really cumbersome to move through a house.
  4. I will never look at the color pink the same again.
  5. I will be bleaching the crap (har har) out of the bathroom on a regular basis from now on. The pink bathroom was just gross beyond words.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Would you like cream with your coffee?

After our first night in the house, and finally back in our wonderful bed, I woke up early to take the beasts for their morning pre-feed walk. This is our first activity in the morning. We're all usually awake but not at our quickest.

I nearly got creamed by our next door neighbor and her Volvo SUV. Man was she in a hurry to leave. I barely had time to jump back, though I did feel her side mirror brush my sweatshirt. All I can say is this: Thank God our beasts were more interested in the recycling bin than in stepping out of the driveway.

People get used to driving patterns, and I'm no exception. If one of our neighbors has guests and a car is parked in a most unexpected spot, I'm always caught by surprise. Our next door neighbor is probably so used to ignoring the little brick box on Moorland Lane.

The Little Brick Box, AKA our new home, is set back off the street, with overgrown bushes and a ginormous tree in the front yard. From most of the street, the only visible indication of a residence is a driveway. And even that is hidden between two retaining walls.


Another project for the house: Making it more visible.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Taking a break

I'm not working in the house at all this week.

After many mind numbing calculations, I have come to realize that an A is well within reach in Anatomy and Physiology. It's time to step up the studying and give the wallpaper a rest.

Have a great holiday. See you all next week.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Paper Trails

There is wall paper all over the house. It's on the ceilings. It's on the walls. The only place it isn't is the floor. It. Is. All. Over. The. House.

I hate wallpaper.

Mom Jane? What were you on? As much as we rib you about it, this really is the more interesting of the papering in the house. The rest is just, well, paper. At least this has character.

So I put my parents to work. Armed with his fabric softener solution, spray bottle, and trusty scraper, Digits Chow, pictured above, waged battle against the papering in the master bedroom.

After three days of scraping, spraying, and scraping some more, we have won the battle. It looks pretty good, eh?

Next up? Prime time.